Gary's Cookbook is a component that is an extension to the CMS system Joomla! can be used. The cookbook is used to manage and display recipes divided into categories. Recipes including recipe images can be entered by users directly on the cookbook page (Pro only). Recipe ratings and recipe comments can be submitted by users.

Both are free to use under the GNU/GPL, General Public License. See below. The first version of Gary's cookbook was created by Gerald Berger in 2005. Back then based on Joomla! Version 1.0. Since then, the component has continued to evolve and keep pace with changes in the Joomla! system. Currently the versions based on Joomla! Version 3.x, Joomla 4 as beta version. We always try to take existing installations into account during further development in order to install the innovations as easily as possible.

Other extensions that work meaningfully with the cookbook are supported as much as possible.

Free programs according to GNU/GPL mean that you can make changes according to your own needs, but not that you can remove copyright notices. Please read the license terms for further information. The official license conditions are only available in English. Translations are to be seen as information only. The GNU/FDL Free Documentation License is used for the documentation parts.

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"Part of releasing a program under the GPL is writing a copyright notice in your own name (assuming you are the copyright holder). The GPL requires all copies to carry an appropriate copyright notice."