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Here you can find some help and some tips and tricks related to Gary's Cookbook 3.0. Choose one of the listed themes.
But first, be sure to read the introduction! If your question is not answered, please ask it in the forum of Gary's Cookbook.
Attention! As a registered and logged user you will find more information's. As example configuration / personalization and the video instructions.


The Introduction about Gary's Cookbook - Help / Tips and Tricks. Please read this introduction first, then the themes.
If your question was not answered, publish your question in the Forum. Thank you!

Topics to install and update Gary's Cookbook.

Topics around the configuration settings and the personalizing of Gary's Cookbook

Language-related topics about Gary's Cookbook

Short explanations of the extensions - Add ons - useful for Gary's Cookbook.

Attention! As a registered and logged user you get more information.

Here you will find information's around images and text for the Cookbook.
The information is provided without warranty, while the copyrights are unfortunately different from country to country.
But there are also similarities. eg pictures, works of art (including documents), music and computer programs are protected by international copyright.

Other tips about Gary's Cookbook.

Here are some instructions (tutorials) for Gary's Cookbook are shown visualized. Only available in English.

The articles are only available for registered users.

Is still under construction.

GCB Finder PlugIn

GCB Random Image Modul

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