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Random Image for Garys Cookbook 4.1.4 (Modul)
File Size:
12.80 kB
22 April 2013
181 x

With this module, pictures will be search in the recipe pictures and shown accidentally.
When you click on it, the recipe will been shown.

Complete renew by Merling

Finder PlugIn Garyscookbook (Smart Search)
File Size:
5.03 kB
22 April 2013
741 x

This PlugIn indexed the Recipes of Garys Cookbook. 

Short instruction:

1. Download the Plug-In and activate
2. Also the Plug-In: Smart Search (Typ Content) activate
3. Components --> Smart Search 
4. Create the Index. May take some time depending on the content.
5. Extensions --> Modul
6. New Modul -->  Smart Search
7. Awarded title and position for the frontend

The index is updated automatically when eg.
A new recipe was added,
Changes are made,
A recipe is deleted ....

Search PlugIn for Gary's Cookbook
File Size:
4.83 kB
05 May 2013
835 x

Enables searching of Gary's Cookbook - Component.

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GCB Finder PlugIn

GCB Random Image Modul

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